Tips for getting your month off to a productive and organised start

Happy 1st of July! We are now over half way through the year and for many of us, today will be the day where we have to start thinking about revising and preparing for the new academic year in September/October. For others, it might be that you are returning to work after lock-down or are simply just wanted to get this month off to a good start.

I have created a free monthly budget printable and monthly overview printable to help you get started. Keep reading for some tips and your free printable!

Create your “month at a glance”

A month at a glance is simply an overview that shows you all the key information to be aware of in the month. It includes upcoming assignments, appointments, tutorials and any other key dates or information you need to be aware of that month. It is also a good place to write down your goals for the month to help you hold yourself accountable.

Make a budget

Maybe you are trying to save money or maybe you just want to spend a bit less. Whatever your goal is, setting a monthly budget is essential in getting your month off to a good start and being in control of your finances. I always write down on paper exactly what is coming in and out of my account, bills, how much i can spend and how much I can save. If you are on a strict budget, this can really help you stay in control and reduce any stress you may feel because of finances.

Set realistic goals

Short term, achievable, smart goals are key to success. A month really isn’t that much time in the grand scheme of things, so you should set monthly goals that are actually attainable. It might be to save a realistic amount of money, to allocate a set amount of days for studying or to just incorporate one new health habit in to your routine. Whatever it is, make sure you are giving yourself realistic expectations. You can also set long term goals as well and break them down, bit by bit each month.

Dedicate 10 minutes a day to journalling

I try to write in my journal for 10 minutes every single day to help me reflect on how the day has gone and to check in with the goals I set for that day. It is also a good time for self-care and wellbeing as checking in each day with how you are feeling physically and emotionally can really help you tackle whatever is going on in your mind. It can also make you more likely to hit your goals as you can recognise patterns of behavior and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Thanks for reading and I hope these little tips help you. Click the button below to download your free PDF printable monthly overview and budget planner. Don’t forget to tag me on instagram @thestudygene should you use one! Have an amazing month x

Download your free printables here!

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