How Paperang pocket printers will up your study game

The Paperang P2 Pocket printer is something I didn’t even realise I was missing from my study routine until I had one. Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it is such a handy bit of tech to have in your university bag.

What is a Paperang Pocket printer?

The Paperang P2 pocket printer colourful edition in pink

The pocket printer is an all-in-one portable phone printer that uses thermal printing technology to instantly print whatever you need in coloured or black and white depending on the thermal paper you are using. As it uses thermal technology, you don’t need to worry about running out of ink! You only need to replace the paper rolls, saving lots of money. I have the Paperang P2 colourful edition printer in pink and use the standard white paper rolls. The P2 has a 300 DPI image resolution, which is an upgrade from the P1, but all their models are generally good! You can print anything from photos, sticky notes, labels and to-do lists all by using the free Paperang app and selecting the option you need.

How can it help with studying?

There are so many ways a Paperang printer can enhance your studies! Some of my favourite ways to use the printer are:

  • Instantly printing out anatomical diagrams to add to revision cards
  • Adding diagrams to my notes quickly during tutorials so I do not have to draw them- saves time and is super helpful!
  • Creating a To-Do list at the beginning of the day to keep me organised and accountable
  • Scanning a book page and quickly printing out if I need to remember or revisit a certain section. Having a paper note stuck to the front of my book or planner helps me to remember to revisit that section
  • Memo notes
  • Decorating my academic planner with cute graphics and quotes

The printer saves me a lot of time, especially because I need to use lots of diagrams and visuals in my studies. Being able to print them out instantly rather than spending ages drawing them out is super helpful and they look so much neater. It also functions as a clock, alarm and timer which is very handy and saves me from getting my phone out, which I like to keep away when studying. I like using a pomodoro time management technique of studying in intervals. I can set the timer on my paperang printer to 20-50 minutes and get started!

If you are feeling unmotivated to study, I always recommend setting a 10 minute timer and studying just for those ten minutes. I find if you can do it for 10 minutes, it helps to motivate you and get you in the swing of things!

How much is it and where can I get one?

The Paperang printers vary in price, with the P1 edition currently on sale for £62.99 and the P2 edition starting from £116.99 sale price, however when you consider that you do not need to buy ink and the product is rechargeable, I would definitely say it is worth it. It is a really sturdy product and a lot of thought has gone in to the actual functions and aesthetics of designs compared to other thermal printers on the market.

My printer was kindly gifted** to me by Paperang, but it is something I would have purchased anyway as it has been so handy.

**although product was gifted but thoughts and opinions are my own. I only ever collaborate with brands that I actually like and would recommend.

Thank you to Paperang for sending me this lovely pocket printer! If you want to know more about Paperang and there products, visit the following link!

Paperang’s Website

xo Beth @thestudygene