Cute Stickers From Notes & Totes!

There is nothing better than a motivational quote to give you a boost of confidence and support when you need it most! So, I was super excited when Daisy from Notes & Totes kindly gifted me two (extremely) cute stickers from her accessories shop where she sells notebooks, totes and stickers.

How cute!

The first sticker was a custom “The Study Gene” sticker, which I have put in my Inspire Spirit journal, which i use to track and build positive habits and stay accountable to my goals. Notes & Totes create a variety of customisable stickers that you can use in your planner, which if you have terrible handwriting like me, is very useful! The second is a “I wanna be thirty and nerdy and thriving!” 13 going on 30 would have been a totally different film if that is what young Jenna Rink was actually wishing for (with that said, she uses her intelligence and creativity to become an amazing magazine editor! Maybe that is actually what happened?

Notes and Totes also sells amazing STEM themed stickers and other nerdy stickers to help motivate you to study smart and dream big. I’ve picked 3 of my favourites to show you below:

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If you would like to get your hands on some cute stickers, totes and notebooks, see the links below. Prices start from just £2:

Notes and Totes Website

Notes and Totes Instagram

Thank you again to Daisy for gifting me the stickers. I can’t wait to see what Notes & Totes creates in future!

Beth xox