Welcome to The Study Gene

Welcome to The Study Gene

Hey there! My name is Beth and I am the creator behind The Study Gene, a student lifestyle and advice platform where you can find tips and tricks on budgeting, revision skills, lifestyle and more! The Study Gene has a community of over 30,000 people from around the world across it's channels, with a focus on helping you to be the best version of yourself, achieve your goals and live a happy life.

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Have you ever felt unmotivated to get out of bed and work? Simply because you’re just so cosy and do not want to move? I have a solution for you! The Relaxwell Luxury Heated Throw from Dreamland could be the answer you didn’t know you were searching for. Working from home is now the new […]

I am so excited to share with you my very first Christmas gift guide! I have a mix of gift ideas to suit every budget so there is something for everyone. This gift guide is aimed specifically for students to help make studying that bit more interesting and special and to make 2020 a bit […]

Today I am collaborating with Kawaii Box, to show you their amazing monthly subscription box, filled with cute things from Japan! Each box has a different theme and contains adorable stationery, snacks, plushies, stickers and more. I will also be giving away a box at the end of this post! Keep reading to find out […]

The age old question. Do I study my degree full time in three years or part time over six years? Do I do part of it full time and part of it part time? So many choices! Today’s topic is all about study intensity with the Open University to help you decide what the best […]

Yes, you read that right. This month, I am not going to spend any money on anything except essentials. I am going to be running a no- spend challenge for the whole month of August in the hope of saving some money and being more conscious of what I choose to spend money on. Keep […]

Having a cosy and calming environment is essential for my productivity when studying and it makes the whole process more enjoyable and less stressful. I always have scented candles burning in my study, but I recently came across Sassy Wax melts and I think I have been converted in to a wax melt lover! This […]

It’s time to get organised! Here is how to set your month up for success.

Studying is really hard. I think it is even harder as an adult and speaking as someone who originally went to university at 18 but is now studying for a degree in my 20s, there are definitely some key differences that I want to discuss. There are some amazing positives but some really tough negatives […]

The Paperang P2 Pocket printer is something I didn’t even realise I was missing from my study routine until I had one. Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it is such a handy bit of tech to have in your university bag. What is a Paperang Pocket printer? The pocket printer is an all-in-one […]

There is nothing better than a motivational quote to give you a boost of confidence and support when you need it most! So, I was super excited when Daisy from Notes & Totes kindly gifted me two (extremely) cute stickers from her accessories shop where she sells notebooks, totes and stickers. The first sticker was […]

Are you thinking about studying with The Open University? Do you ever wonder what exactly the Open University is and how it all works? This post is for you! Whether you are debating signing up for a degree or simply want to know more about how distance learning works, keep on reading! I have separated […]

Student’s have a lot to think about when they go to university; accommodation and flatmates, packing a toothbrush, freshers week outfits and above all…money. Let’s face it, for most of us, money is definitely an issue and there is never enough of it. Student loans never seem to quite make it to the end of […]

Today I would like to write about debt and student finance. I know, such a cheery topic. However, for the majority of students, debt is unfortunately something that can be unavoidable unless you have lots of money and can pay your tuition fees outright or have wealthy parents who pay your way (no hate, genuinely […]

Do you ever feel like you are not achieving any of your goals? As if there seems to be thousands of barriers between you and what you want, and you have no idea how to get over them? Do you find yourself setting resolutions at the beginning of the year, but by the end of […]

I was apprehensive about writing this, because it feels almost like something we shouldn’t talk about. It is a very common notion that we should power through and suck it up when we dislike our jobs. That is a very hard thing to do when it feels like it is destroying your soul. Staying positive […]

Due to Covid-19, the majority of schools, colleges and universities have made the switch to online learning. Student’s across the UK are in self-isolation and things are pretty stressful right now. It is scary, confusing and things feel uncertain. Looking after your personal wellbeing is more important than ever, so I have compiled 5 tips […]